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Fantasy Filmball

Jun 30, 2018

this week Andrew Morgan suggested INDEPENDENCE DAY to celebrate the actual independence day. he also took exception to the lack of females on my cast list, and shawn murray plans his newest project JUNETEENTH. we're pretty woke now, except for me and dan.

Jun 24, 2018

On this week's episode we fantasy casted Dylan McKay's favorite film, CASABLANCA. The D-Man has real good taste too for a fictional high school student. Stosh rhymes Casablanka with Blanka from Street Fighter during our Freestyle A Theme Song To The Movie segment. Tweet us a better name for that...

Jun 17, 2018

Our guest is Engineer Gero, who chose A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE. At the end of the episode there is audio of me at Dan Rice's wedding getting comedians/wedding guest to recast Dan in his own wedding.

Hosted by Shawn Murray, Stosh Mikita & Dan Rice

Jun 10, 2018

this weekend was Dan Rice's wedding so we couldn't record, but we had the first episode we tried to record with the zoom. it's a little echoey and Shawn's tinny, but through the magic of youtube tutorials i managed to take something completely unintelligible and make it somewhat listenable. tweet us who you would recast...

Jun 4, 2018

this week Shawn Murray was camping on Woke Bae Island so we got his best friend Dame FK to come draft LOTR: FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING with us. it was real hot in the studio and we were delirious from sweat. that's the official joke for any problematic jokes you may not like.

Hosted by Shawn Murray, Stosh Mikita & Dan Rice